Here are some birds that are for sale on my etsy shop.

feedback is always welcome…….



nuthatch. sold




western tanager

My exhibition at the Wosk Library

VanDusen Garden is on show until

27 September 2017


My Flying Suit


Paris Place Madonna | Mixed media on canvas 16 x 12 | $400

Paris Place Madonna

the beach

Easter weekend and a walk on the beach



following in the footsteps of my beautiful daughter



over the wet sands



and hard rocks



she leaves her mark



multiple triangles



on surfaces in the sand



and so she continues ahead of me



until she waits


there she is!

and turns to smile


love on the beach

walking with love on the beach

evite s

missing sisters

seen on the sidewalk February 14th

Annual Downtown Eastside Women’s Memorial March


cambie and 25th

Cambie Street and 25th

Demolition of houses along the blocks south…

for new apartment buildings

25th and cambie


cambie and 25th (2)






dancer on hastings

dancer on hastings


masked man on keefer and main

masked man on keefer at main


walking along pacific one evening

someone’s frustration with our PM

along pacific #2


along pacific #1

human rights

along pacific #3


along pacific #4

the rule of law

and then facing west on pacific

PM depicted, not offering much of the above


below another ruler who has gas

I've got gas at nelson and pacific

nelson and pacific

more gas





….and a plaintive cry of the modern age……

have you seen my phone on main

main st china town

Marianne and I made and hung prayer flags on

Burnaby Mountain

the week of drilling by Kinder Morgan

We needed to do something

to support the people trying to protect the mountain


climate justice


sacred territory


leave it in the ground


respect for land


Now we have set up a fb page

a space for artists to post their work


As creative thinkers, artists can play a unique roll in advocating for positive change. Artists can use their creativity to not only support a cause, but to raise awareness in general. 
Artists for Protecting Our Planet aims to do just that.
If you are inclined to make a statement via some public art for raising awareness about protecting our precious planet, then we invite you to post your work on this fb page. Photos or videos of your work or creative other works you encounter in your environment would be most welcome.
It is our hope that all creative souls will participate. We envision, poets, musicians, writers, photographers, visual artists, artisans, young people, makers of all kinds contributing to this group. 

Let’s use our Art For Change
Thanks for joining,
Artists for Protecting Our Planet






taken kitty corner on keefer and main

Within a couple of days of my first seeing the couple above

they were painted out……….

the couple


“retail opportunities available”

with pictures of the building to materialized on this corner are deemed OK for our viewing

by whom?

oct 035



Also I posted this piece below by ola vola not realizing at the time

that it had been been commissioned by the opera company

(along with three other images commissioned by three other street artists)

great and ……

also on a hoarding but I’m sure won’t be painted out by the roller man!


ola volo


…and of course revered are the silos at Granville Island

Osgemeos has been given much publicity for their creation

osgemeos public art

photograph by Billie Lawrence

osgemeos.....granville island public art

photograph by Billie Lawrence

Thanks for the pickies, Billie



Below are the results of the roller man

wall 2


wall 4


wall 3


wall 1

is this really a solution for the city?

who gets to choose?




rainy day on cambie

rainy day on cambie


ola volo



taken kitty corner on keefer and main

main and keefer


keefer and main

close up


main street

main street


main street -  pasted

Lots of these



good one!

a novel

Two new entries for the library project

Above, the image is from the cover of a mystery by Barbara Vine.

Barbara Vine was being read by a fictional character

in a Margaret Drabble Novel I was reading….as I hadn’t read

or heard of Barbara Vine, I got the Chimney Sweeper’s Boy

from the library next time I was there. Love the cover photograph.


A Fine and Private Place



A mausoleum for a Fine and Private Place.


…and below is a quote from A Tale for a Time Being

by Ruth Ozeki. Loved the book but not featured in the library project.

(too many books…not enough drawing)

Just wanted to include this quote below.

quote from A talefor a Time Being by Ruth Ozeki