Anna Milton is an artist trained in fine arts in England and Wales. She has exhibited her work in Canada, the UK and other countries. She continues to create and exhibit, working here in Canada, where she has called home since 1977.

Anna worked as an art therapist in North Vancouver for many years. She facilitated sessions for individuals and groups, working with the general public, hard to reach children and their families, people with cancer and chronic pain, trauma victims and recent immigrants. She offered supervision to students and graduates of art therapy.

Anna has experience setting up a creative community when she developed Miramar Arts Society with Ilene Pevec on the North Shore during the late eighties. As the Artistic Director, Anna ran an integrated arts program for four years, offering classes to students.

Funds were awarded for a project Anna created called “A Stitch in Time”. A wall hanging of many images was stitched together by hand and is now placed in the entrance of the John Braithwaite Community Centre. Images came from the local elders and children (with the help of the adults).

For the final years of working in the community Anna worked in the art studio of an elders’ residence serving mainly veterans who are challenged physically or struggling with dementia. She helped with the weaving section of the studio, setting up and assisting residents to weave cloth or items, creating a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for the elderly weavers.

Now Anna is able to follow her passion and create her own pieces for sale and exhibition, working in her studio on Vancouver Island.