prayer flags

Marianne and I made and hung prayer flags on

Burnaby Mountain

the week of drilling by Kinder Morgan

We needed to do something

to support the people trying to protect the mountain


climate justice


sacred territory


leave it in the ground


respect for land


Now we have set up a fb page

a space for artists to post their work


As creative thinkers, artists can play a unique roll in advocating for positive change. Artists can use their creativity to not only support a cause, but to raise awareness in general. 
Artists for Protecting Our Planet aims to do just that.
If you are inclined to make a statement via some public art for raising awareness about protecting our precious planet, then we invite you to post your work on this fb page. Photos or videos of your work or creative other works you encounter in your environment would be most welcome.
It is our hope that all creative souls will participate. We envision, poets, musicians, writers, photographers, visual artists, artisans, young people, makers of all kinds contributing to this group. 

Let’s use our Art For Change
Thanks for joining,
Artists for Protecting Our Planet