spray kings on the front of the georgia straight….

spray kings on the front of the georgia straight.

celebrating their work on the silos on granville island


see article



and yet these pieces were not treasured

walking a

this little girl was painted over by the

powers that be, within a week of me seeing her

on the wall below the walk to science world.


and this amazing piece was seen for quite a while on pender

west of abbott but then just before the olympics 2010

it was painted over with the brown paint that the powers that be are so fond of…….

graffiti pender st lower centre

centre bottom section

graffiti pender st - left side top and bottom layers

left side – top and bottom sections

right side was similar….

these photographs were taken just before completion

Amazing piece….ran half a block!


and here is what the brothers observe……

from the article in the georgia straight

what otavia and gustavo pandolfo say in the georgia straight