street art #13

The skeleton is revealed!

skelton at dunsmuir and beatty

the ivy has been cut back and the skeleton that

has been lying under the foliage for years is still

at the corner of beatty and dunsmuir in all its glory


closer to you

closer image reveals the fine painting


bus stop on gore

bus stop with creatures on gore


little Leif girl on keefer at main

little leif girl on keefer at main

new buildings going up in china town

little leif girl was the first street art blog I posted a year ago

She was on abbott when that construction was going on

the shops along that stretch on abbott are still not occupied!

already much gum and stains on the new sidewalk


little Leif girl on Pender

Here she is again on pender near my bank.


just a week later

then I saw her again nearly obliterated

only a week or so later


who is this unhappy man on keefer street

here is an unhappy main on keefer near the park



main street hoarding where the new buildings are going up

good question?