street art comment

taken kitty corner on keefer and main

Within a couple of days of my first seeing the couple above

they were painted out……….

the couple


“retail opportunities available”

with pictures of the building to materialized on this corner are deemed OK for our viewing

by whom?

oct 035



Also I posted this piece below by ola vola not realizing at the time

that it had been been commissioned by the opera company

(along with three other images commissioned by three other street artists)

great and ……

also on a hoarding but I’m sure won’t be painted out by the roller man!


ola volo


…and of course revered are the silos at Granville Island

Osgemeos has been given much publicity for their creation

osgemeos public art

photograph by Billie Lawrence

osgemeos.....granville island public art

photograph by Billie Lawrence

Thanks for the pickies, Billie



Below are the results of the roller man

wall 2


wall 4


wall 3


wall 1

is this really a solution for the city?

who gets to choose?